I cannot get the availability information out of the PDFs any more, it seems – for up-to-date information, use the official site’s new online search and booking. My site is still slightly useful for property selection (you really need a range search for number of people, based on my previous bookings), and it’s frankly disappointing that new sites still launch that require JavaScript to function. Ah well. :)

The Coop House

About this Site

From their own site, “The Landmark Trust is a charity founded in 1965 that rescues and restores historic buildings at risk and gives them a new life by offering them for holidays.”

The official site carries a couple of PDFs, updated daily, of the availability of all their properties. This is very handy when finding somewhere to go on holiday, but I wanted something that would let me search for all the properties available for a week, for 4 people, with a fire, in Wales.

So I wrote this site, which takes the PDFs, parses out the availability data and makes it all searchable. Just pick the criteria you want in the search box to see all available properties. A “♦” means available but price currently unknown, “-” means unavailable, and “P” means provisionally booked. Click a place name for pictures from the Flickr Landmark Trust group.

This site continues my tradition of making improved interfaces of available data, such as traintimes.org.uk or TheyWorkForYou. It also uses a similar “URL command line” to traintimes.org.uk, so you can simply create queries using the URL, e.g. http://landmarktrust.dracos.co.uk /people=3+ /area=Scotland /price=600 /double.

Matthew Somerville